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DDM picture The fascination of dark sounds is unbroken! Even withDANGER DE MORT , a band, which carries out purely electronic means in a symbiosis by the sound of the 80's and early 90's with the techniques of the future. Stylistically their dark-driving music reminds one of Dark Wave- and EBM-bands of the 80's. With morbid lyrics, in connection with the singer Lars Lehmeier's concise voice,DANGER DE MORT produces an unmistakable tension. By skilfully edited synthesiser-sounds and straight beats the Mastermind Lars Lehmeier produces a binding tendency, which is easily passed on to the public during live-concerts. The well-proportioned guitar sounds of the guitarist Martin Behr give songs like e.g. "Elements" or "Tears of passion" huge dynamics and a high recognising factor. During many concerts,DANGER DE MORThave proven their live-capability with bands like e.g. The Mission, Oomph, Joachim Witt, Tanzwut, Attrocity, Liv Christine, Garden of Delight, Cyber Axis, Dronning Maud Land and Diary of dreams. In the meantimeDANGER DE MORT's fourth physical fulltime-CD publication has been released and it is so far, probably the band's best album, offering the greatest variety of the Bonn electronic musician, which also is a big live success. To celebrateDANGER DE MORTwith one of their rare live-concerts - you should not miss that chance! But words can hardly describe, what takes place when hearing and seeing this beat-orientated music during a live-concert. Take yourself enough time and listen to the sound ofDANGER DE MORT!
You won't be disappointed !