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ORKUS 11/2001


CD (MusicLab)

With their 4 full length CD proves the Bonn Bochumer band, which is quite possible it to produce in the today's time of the publication flood something independent and interesting, proves meanwhile fourth album. The 16 TRACKS convince by facet wealth as well as dance bar and are the perfect symbiosis from the sound of the eighties with the EBM and Dark Wave of the nineties, without losing however the connection to electronics up-to-date. Dezent brought in guitars, hard Electro Beats and the concise voice of the singer merge into an impressive hearing benefit. The Opener Looser reminds of good old Dark Wave times; it is followed by Fever - in the classical style held, this Song reminds by early times of clan OF Xymox and The Eternal Afflict. Further Anspieltipps is Glasscage, which captivates MEMORIES by beautiful Synthie sounds and, very in the eighties-garb dressed and hit-suspiciously. The last song is its own version of S.P.O.C.Ks Never trust A Klingon; the Beats is held much at the original, the singing is missing and by interesting voicesamples is replaced. Buy is worthwhile oneself! (8)

DJ Dave (Stuttgart-Schwarz)

...Who could be tempted in the good old time gladly from groups such as The fair Sex or Invincible Spirit to the dance, might also with Danger De Mort auf's correct Ross set: Atmospheric Sequencerlaeufe, partly around guitars supplements, and bilingual singing. Surprisingly Danger De Mort do not drive with few pieces with strongly throttled temp, without losing at substance. Definitely a light view in the Retrocase.

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