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To order any merchandise article, first of all please decide if you would like to order via mailorder or online order. If you live outside of Germany you will have to choose mailorder form. For all people living in germany mailorder and online order are availible. If you continue you accept our terms of service.


Terms of service and delivery
Delivery charges 
The ordered goods will be send to you by post. This will be done by Deutsche Post AG/Germany. Up to an amount of 30,- there will be postal charges of 3,-. If your order amount exceeds a value of 30.- there will be no postal charges for orders in germany.
How to pay 
You can pay by one of the three following methods. 

If you place a mailorder the only way to pay is to send the money in one envelope with your printed order form. 

If you do an online order, you can choose to let us get the money from your account (Lastschrifteinzug) for which we will need the name of your bank, the account number and the bank´s transaction number (BLZ). The amount will be transfered from your account after the goods have been send. If there is not enough money on your account and the bank refuses to transfer us the money, we will charge you 10,-. 

If you choose to pay the amount to the postman on delivery (Nachname), there will be an extra charge of 3,- for that service. 

Payment not in time 
If you do not pay in time, we may charge you our costs for that, which could be up to 15 percent of your order amount. The costs that we may have to pay our bank will be payed therefor by you.
Delivery time 
Please allow 2-4 days for deliveries in Germany. 

For other countries please allow up to 21 days for delivery. The foreign country orders will be executed, if you send the money prior to delivery (Vorkasse).

Changing goods 
You have the right to get your goods changed, if you´ll get the wrong article or if the article is damaged or not fully functional in any way for any reason. We will give you a maximum time of 14 days for sending back. You will have to pay the postal charges for that. We will give you the money for these postal charges back of course, if we change the article. Please include a copy of the invoice/packing list and a short description why you send back the article. 
All goods remain our property until they are fully payed (Eigentumsvorbehalt). 
Place of delivery for both contract parts is Meckenheim. Court area is Rheinbach/Germany.
We DO refuse any terms of service and/or delivery that are not ours and/or those which might be made by the buyer.
salvatori clause 
If one or more of these terms is or will be not valid in the future, that will make no difference to the rest of the contract.
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